The Group

Welcome to the frequency of O.T.I.S. Our music is a conglomerate of different styles ranging from Hip-Hop to House. One of our main objectives is to not have a target audience, but to make music everyone can enjoy. We pride ourselves in delivering clean, high energy music with a fun message.

By blending todays’s R&B and Dance music with classic Detroit dance elements, we have achieved a sound that is unique to our roots, yet expresses OUR creative vision. We are inspired by the diversity & beauty of Earths musical language & cultures and wish to add our flavor to a melting pot of sound.

Music is a power that can be harnessed and used in a multiple of ways…however still, the overall contrast is selfish and selfless. These point of views dictate the emotion of a being…or in Earth’s case, humans.  We Are from a small group of planets that communicate and feel through sound and live by music. Our emotions are connected thru invisible strands of musical data.

Therefore, we connect easier and embrace love on a more widespread scale.  By mixing love and Music, harmony is reached in our quadrant of planets which is called the Atunian Quadrant. We have traveled many light years to attempt to bring harmony back to your planet. Our ancestors brought music to your ancestors’ ancestors. THE INVASION IS INEVITABLE.



Matt “GO” Jones

Writer, Producer, Arranger, Musician, Editor, Director, Videographer, Lover, Dreamer, Realist, Believer, Teacher, Counselor, Philanthropist…The Elements that make up Matt Jones. Matthew was born and raised in Detroit, MI. where at age 10 he picked up the tenor saxophone and started his musical journey. From Bates Academy  to Thompson Middle School in Southfield, He continued to be a leader amongst musicians in his class. He then fine tuned his talents at Southfield High School where he played in the Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Combo earning first chair status as well as Head drum Major by his senior year.  Furthering his education at Tennessee State University, Matthew joined two fraternities, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Inc. & Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., elevated to Saxophone Section Leader & Drum Major of The Aristocrat of Bands, and graduated on the Deans List earning his Bachelors In Psychology.

The influences that motivated Matthew’s music career stem from Jimi Hendrix, The Whispers, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye to Parliament Funkadelic, Michael Jackson, and his own mother and father.  These variables have molded Matthew into a Young Head with an Old Soul, explaining the feel in which he leads with in his production. Aside from his many contributions to local artists and DJ’s, Matthew has worked on projects for at least 3 major radio stations in the Detroit-Metro area and, which has been one of the highlights of his career, engineered a studio session for the Great George Clinton and Chico Debarge.

Leading with his broad musicianship, breath-taking stage presence, and Love for Music, Matthew plans on helping restore the foundations and artistry he feels has been diluted from the music scene over the years.  With groups such as The Clazzmates & O.T.I.S., Matthew is using these tools to reset the bar and rejuvenate music lovers around the Globe…to the standards they once enjoyed.


Walter “Hazmat” Howard

Detroit based, pianist and producer, Walter Howard a.k.a “Haz-mat” has been blending hypnotic beats and tantalizing sounds effortlessly for the past fifteen years.  With his upcoming project one can hear soulful R&B with a fusion of Jazz and Funk at the forefront of his musical effigy.
Haz-mat attributes much his musical inspiration from artist such as Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Parliament Funkadelic.  As a result, Haz-mat personally builds his music from “scratch” from the bass part, to the beats, to the melody.  After spending his early years being self taught, Haz-mat was afforded the opportunity to further is musical education at the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts as an instrumental and vocal major.
Haz-mat has had the privilege of working with famed artists such as, Mr. Porter from D12, Kenny Flav, Bilal, Mesa, Phil Perry, Eric Robinson and RaShuan Patterson.  He has also done production work for The Game’s 2006 release “Fly You Around the World” and Mary J Blige’s 2000 “Mary J’s Testimony”.  Most recently, Haz-mat has finished a tour of Asia with Detroit-based, saxophonist, Shelby Brown. And grammy nominee K’JON …and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with legendary artist Charlie Wilson and current tour The spinners. The production of Haz mat is feat. in the new smash hit album from O.T.I.S. ( OUT-THERE-IN-SPACE) CALLED ” FIRST CONTACT” .
Haz-mat is finding his audience the best way possible through live performance and unrelenting networking.  Through Haz-mat’s “making music from scratch” approach he is readily able to reinvent his music at will.  Fans will be refreshed with Haz-mat’s upcoming record, which brings along with it a new perspective of how we use sound and rhythm to convey this thing we call music.