The Music

Out There In Space currently has two releases and working on yet a third! Our blend of multiple genres with a heavy layer of funk is sure to please even the casual listener!

We have a vibe and a sound that is unique yet almost anyone can get their groove on with us.

The following are our previous releases…


First Contact: This is our very first release!

  1. X-Tacy
  2. Vibrations
  3. Candy Apple
  4. Lime Light
  5. Spaceship

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Genres: Pop, Music, World

Released: Sep 05, 2010


Power Music Volume 1: This is our second release, and part of a mixtape compilation.

Available for FREE download!

  1. Intro
  2. Powermusic-Loud
  3. Motor City Summer Nights
  4. Doin’ Dirt
  5. Metallic Kisses

…and many more


Genres: Pop, Music, World

Released: August 17, 2010






Power Music Volume 2: COMING SOON




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